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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Creating awareness

In our daily busy lives, and work, and with the information overload, the mind's power to discriminate the complex information has greatly diminished. And, over the past few decades, we have overlooked the harm that certain things have caused to us. It is there, but we don't see it. If we see it, we ignore it.

The problem? An information overload from access to so much information, almost instantaneously, without knowing the validity of the content and the risk of misinformation.

This blog is about creating awareness, to help you really 'see' what we ordinarily see and to really 'hear' what we usually hear and interpret the intentions.

This blog is about bringing forth the impact (mostly negative) that information overload, media - TV, radio, print, psychological manipulation, online security and privacy etc creates on our society.

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